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Copy The Doc

Create a copy of this document. If you don't have a Coda account, you can sign up for a free one. This doc is fully functional in Coda's free tier.

Update the data

Intro Letter - Delete the text in the section and write your own intro letter to the world with context about the people on the list - ex. info about your team, culture, etc. Upload a new cover photo that represents your list.
Add Team Data - Fill in the about your team members. You can paste in from Google Sheets or Excel, or add from scratch. Feel free to modify the columns or add new ones you think would be helpful.
Set the right Departments - Modify the values set in the "Department" column by editing the column settings. You can add any other departments that are missing.
Create the right sections - Does it make sense to organize your list by function? Or, if you've rescinded a bunch of college offers, are some of them interns and some full-time?
Publish the form -

Publish The List

Share: Press the 'Share' button in the top -right and select Publish. Make the doc 'Discoverable by anyone.' You can also turn on 'Copy doc' so people can make their own copy of your list to prioritize the candidates they want to reach out to.
Promote: Share the Published URL with your network and encourage them to re-share. You'll be able to see statistics of views by clicking the Doc Settings icon in the top right and navigating to Statistics.
Delete: You can delete this section when you're all done.

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