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Big Green Egg Recipes

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Planked Salmon


Salmon filet - I prefer skin on, but either fine
Wood planks - alder wood is my favorite
Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub
Maple Syrup
Salted Butter


Soak plank - soak for at least an hour
Heat egg to 350 degrees
Cover fish with Dizzy Pig rub - be generous. If no skin, do both sides, and coat the sides, too.
Pre-heat plank for 5-10 minutes
Place fish on plank and cook until internal temp of 130 degrees. Use a Thermapen to check.


Don't let salt-based rubs sit on meat that wants to dry out. Put the rub on right before you cook it.
Don't cook with mesquite charcoal. Too strong.
You can re-use a plank 4-5 times. Scrape off bottom charred part and re-soak.


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