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Big Green Egg Recipes

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Competition Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs/St. Louis Cut (3 hr 55 min cook time)

- Trick is to layer flavors. Hot, sweet, hot, sweet, back and forth.
- Soak them in sweetness overnight, then layer hot stuff.


Pork spare ribs (never babybacks)
White grape juice
Sweet/salted butter
Brown sugar
(hot vinegar sauce)
Oak lump charcoal
Hickory smoking chunks
Oversized drip pan


Trim into St Louis cut/ remove membrane
Place in fridge overnight with drizzled honey first (smear it, to bond) and then honey rub (crystalized honey). Pretty generous portion. Don't need to worry about sides though. 6-8 hours is good.
Apply Meat Church "Holy Cow" dry rub. You want to put on bottom (not a super crazy amount), coat sides (sprinkle on foil and dunk on sides), and put a very generous amount on top. (Shake off excess). Note: first time I cooked, put too much on. Too peppery, so try less.
Set grill to 285 degrees indirect, with oversized drip pan filled with white grape juice and 1 fist-sized hickory chunk of smoking wood
Meat side up for 1 hour 50 minutes
Paint with hot vinegar sauce for 15 minutes (Tennessee Red sauce)
Foil Ribs for 1 hour 30 minutes (w/ Honey/Butter/Brown Sugar)
Not a perfect science, but you want to put the right amounts.
Unfoil ribs for 5/10 minutes
Cook with sauce for 5-10 minutes, Blue Hog reg


Make sure drip pan big enough to cover areas, it'll drop otherwise
Starting egg - put two starters, keep bottom and top 100% open, light starters, close lid and set timer for 6 minutes. Once it is at temp, then add smoking wood.
Put plate setter AFTER you have your egg at desired temp so you can get the right temperature. Otherwise hard to know what temp your fire is. He says spend 35-40 mins prepping fire for ribs.
White grape juice creates lots of aroma/flavor
For large drip eggs, you should get the ROUNDED turkey roaster drip pan.
Foiling - use double layers of foil
Lay foil out, sprinkle 2-3 tbps of brown sugar, cover w/ 2 tbs honey drizzled, then 2 tbps butter
Put meat down. Close foil flat and air tight
Long spatulas good for handling ribs
place back on egg, meat side down.
Don't get ribs that have bones showing through top meat side (called a shiner)
Membrane toughest thing to get off. Use a non-sharp butter knife. It's like peeling a stubborn sticker. Very subtle movements. There's actually 2 membranes on there - you want to pull one off. Leave the second, super thin one on so bones aren't exposed. Paper towels helps to give you grip. Use knife just to get a little opening to get your finger in, then pull it out.
Cut ribs to be proper size - there can be a decent chunk cut off top portion of ribs (2-3 inches) including this "chime" bone. These pieces can be used for chili etc.


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