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Saving Calculator

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Calculation Concept

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1. Input Income, Expense, and Saving Target 💵

Monthly Income

Adjust your monthly incomes by editing, adding, or deleting the rows from the “Monthly Income” table.

Monthly Expense

Adjust your monthly expenses by editing, adding, or deleting the rows from the “Monthly Expense” table.


You can choose between two types of monthly expense:
Fixed Value: choose this if you have an expense with a fixed amount / allocation. For example:
You have monthly electric bills of around Rp 400.000 monthly.
You usually set aside your groceries budget for Rp 2.000.000 monthly.
Percentage: choose this if you have some expenses that are floating according to your income on a current month. For example:
You have a commitment to donate 5% of your income for charity.
Amount is calculated from your input Percentage * Total Income

Monthly Saving

Adjust your monthly savings by editing, adding, or deleting the rows from the “Monthly Saving” table.

Starting Balance

If you already saved some for this particular saving, you can also input the starting balance (i.e., your current balance of this particular saving) for each savings you input. For example:
You want to have a trip to Bali, and you have already saved Rp 5.000.000 for this trip.


Here’s where you put your target of your particular saving(s). For example:
You want to have a trip to Bali, and you want to save Rp 20.000.000 for this trip.
If you don’t have any target for some savings, just leave it blank (instead of putting a zero amount).


You can choose between two types of monthly saving, the same way as the types on monthly expense.
If you choose the Fixed Amount type, it must not exceeded your Total Saving per Month.
Saving will prioritize Fixed Amount first, then calculate the remainder for Percentage.
Therefore, the sum of Percentage on Monthly Saving table must be 100%.

Used per Month

Some savings will be used up along the way. For example:
It’s the type of saving that’s not strictly only for saving (e.g., emergency funds), or
You’re the type of saver that’s hard to keep your saving to itself (e.g., using your Bali Trip saving for your shopping). No judgement. Remember no one else can access your input data. Read more here:
You can put it here.

Saving per Month

This is a calculated value, you don’t have to edit it manually. It shows you how much you will save per month, according to your saving percentage / amount, and your Use per Month.

Time Needed

This is also a calculated value. It shows you how much time you will need to achieve your Target, by dividing it with your calculated Saving per Month.
You can adjust your Percentage / Fixed Amount, your Used per Month, even your Incomes and Expenses to see how the Time Needed changes along with your input data.

2. Input & Generate Saving Accumulation 🎯

If you want to see in detail how much you save your savings per month, you can generate the data of your saving accumulation each month here.

Start Date

The date you start your saving. If this sounds ambiguous / confuse you, just put the date of your first next income here.


How many years you want the accumulation data generated. I suggest to set this larger than your latest Time Needed on the Monthly Saving table.

Saving Accumulation Table

Click the “Generate” button to generate the accumulation data here.
You can see how much you grow each of your savings each month. When your particular saving reach the target on particular month, the value will be highlighted in green.
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