Feature Short Descriptions

This page contains high level descriptions of some key MVP featuers for seasms
User Types
High Level Definition
Creator of garments. “The talent” seamsters offer handmade garments, custom made garments, made to order garments
Vendor (Fabric, patterns etc)
Manufacturer and supplier of an item such as fabric or patterns. A vendor does not “create” or “customise” from the item supplied, but they offer an item for sale.
General Audience/ Customer
typically here to browse and buy somethig
Seams Super Admin
Seams Internal
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Feature Short Descriptions

Shopify Product Import
Import Functionality: The feature should allow users to import their Shopify inventory data and product images into their Seams storefront
The feature should also import all the product images from Shopify into the Seamsters storefront
The feature should automatically sync the inventory and product data between Shopify and Seams, ensuring that any updates made in Shopify are reflected in the Seams in near real-time.
Error Logging and Reporting: The feature should log and report any errors that occur during the data import process, making it easy for users to troubleshoot and resolve
In-platform messaging
The messaging and inbox feature on Seams allows seamsters to communicate with prospective clients and followers directly within the platform. This feature includes an inbox to manage all communication between users. Seamsters can send outbound messages to all followers, anyone with an account on seams can contact a seamster via the storefront page or product page (see wireframes) References for this feature are etsy and depop
Key Features:
Messaging System:
a. Conversations: The messaging system allows users to start, continue, and manage conversations with each other. Users can initiate conversations by clicking on the “contact seller” button on a product listing or by responding to a message they’ve received.
b. Attachments: The messaging system allows users to attach files, such as images or documents, to their messages.
c. Notifications: The messaging system sends users notifications when they receive a new message or when a message they’ve sent has been read or replied to.
a. Message Management: The inbox allows users to manage all their conversations in one place. Users can view all their messages, mark them as read or unread, delete them, or archive them.
b. Filter: The inbox allows users to filter their messages based on various criteria, such as unread messages, archived messages, or messages with attachments.
c. Search: The inbox includes a search function that allows users to search for specific messages or conversations.
User Settings:
a. Notifications: Users can customize their notification settings, including email notifications, for new messages and message updates.
b. Block List: Users can block other users from sending them messages.
Technical Requirements:
Compatibility: The messaging and inbox feature should be compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile devices.
Security: The messaging system should be secure and protect users’ personal information and data.

see product page wireframes for reference
When a seamster makes a product available for sale, they can “tag” the fabric, fabric vendor, pattern or other materials used for that garment
this is only possible if the fabric, fabric vendor, yarn or pattern should also be listed on seams
On a product page for Fabric, Yarn, or Patterns a “product image feed” is available for all garments made or purchased with that fabric, yarn or pattern. (see wireframe for expected behavior)

On-site Search
there is a strong consideration for using algolia to power on-search:
Product and Seamster/Creator search means user should be able to search for both specific products, categories and seamsters on the site
Filtering: Users should be able to filter search results based on attributes (attributes to be define)
Sorting: Users should be able to sort search results by attributes to be defined
Nice to have
Visual Search (nice to have): The search feature should have the capability to allow users to upload images or use their phone cameras to search for similar products on seams

Seamster Storefront Analytics
overall, the analytics feature is modeled on shopify analytics and is intended to provide basic analytics view for the each seamster for their storefront.
An aggregate analytics view across all storefronts should be available for a seams super admin user.
The seams analytics feature should track and display sales performance data, such as total revenue, conversion rates, and average order value, in real-time for seamsters.
Traffic Source Tracking: The analytics feature should provide data on where website traffic is coming from
Customer Behavior Analysis: The analytics feature should analyze customer behavior on the website, such as product views, add-to-cart rates, and checkout abandonment rates.
Product Performance Tracking: The analytics feature should track product performance data, including sales by product, product views, and product conversion rates.
Order Tracking: The analytics feature should track orders and display data on order fulfillment rates, order cancellations, and returns.
Customizable Reports: The analytics feature should provide customizable reports that allow users to view data by specific time periods and products.
Multi-Channel Analysis: The analytics feature should integrate with multiple sales channels, including social media platforms and marketplaces, to provide a comprehensive view of sales performance. (Nice to have)
Integration with Third-Party Tools: The analytics feature should integrate with third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, to provide additional data and insights.

post MVP: actions & recommendations based on analytics

The ratings and reviews feature should allow customers to rate and provide written reviews of the products they have purchased.
Image Upload Functionality: The feature should also allow customers to upload pictures of their purchases alongside their written reviews.
Moderation System: The feature should include a moderation system that allows seams admin to review and approve or reject reviews and pictures submitted by customers, ensuring that the content is appropriate and meets the marketplace's standards.
Reporting System: The feature should have a reporting system that allows customers to flag inappropriate content or reviews, and alert the marketplace's administrators of any potential issues.
Star Rating System: The feature should allow customers to rate products using a star rating system that ranges from one to five stars.
Sorting and Filtering: The feature should allow customers to sort and filter reviews by star rating, date, relevance, and other relevant criteria to help them find the most helpful and relevant reviews. (Nice to have)
Recommended Products: The feature should use customer ratings and reviews to recommend similar products to customers who are interested in a specific product.
Aggregation of review images: (also see feature description for Tagging)

“Post a custom requirement”
a user can post a requirement for a custom garment
Simplified version required from current version
a user should be able to post a custom requirement
should be modeled on fiverr for airtasker for job posting flow

Stripe Connect & Payment flow
Use stripe connect to allow seamsters to connect their stripe account with seams
Payment flow should be for the platform to capture payment and release once the order has been fulfilled
In majority of cases items are made to order and the seamster will have a no refund policy, but in case of disputes or other rare circumstances the ability to refund an order should be available.
At this stage no transaction fees will be charged by the platform

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