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Easy RSVP Tracker with Gmail

Use this doc to easily make and manage the guest list for your next big event.
Feel like skipping my musings and getting right to your tables?

The Slam Dunk

Earlier this year, I tied the knot with my partner of seven years. It was a blast but it was also a ton of planning.
My fiancé and I had various details of our wedding littered across different platforms: Apple Notes, Numbers, Google Sheets, post-it notes, you name it. We used an informal version of (coming soon!) to help us decide on vendors quickly and efficiently.
Because we had a dedicated process and only two decision makers, we thought every facet of the wedding/party planning process would be just as simple.

We were wrong.

Creating and managing the guest list was the hardest part. We had to answer to many more stakeholders (parents, vendors, the distant cousin who for some reason is super involved) who weren’t aligned on a single tech stack.
A typical day in the RSVP process looked like this:
Parent A would send a text asking if Cousins A, B, C were on a list
I would ask “Which list?”
Parent A “The one on the piece of paper I gave your fiancé 3 weeks ago”
To which I respond “I told you to put in on the google sheet”

Enter Coda, the all-in-one doc.

Coda’s building blocks enabled me to create a tangible workflow out of a stack of cards, texts and papers. Now, you benefit from my keyboard crunching for your next event!

In summary, Coda makes planning easy.

Before Coda:

After Coda:

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