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All-in-one-place personal budget tool

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Welcome to your budget tool!

Track your expenses, UTL bills, income, savings, payouts, save "wants" on your wish list and get insights from annual reports. And all this in ONE place.

What is this doc about?

This is a complex tool that can help you to store and analyze data for personal budget planning.
allows you to keep track of your expenses.
helps you to track your utility bills.
Store your wishes in the . See how much they might cost you and plan accordingly.
Manage your and .
Add your income data to and get insights from .

What you should know about the doc?

Each page has a note: mobile or desktop-friendly. It means that some pages are optimized for mobile devices and are easy to use on the go. Desktop friendly pages contain more complex data and views and are convenient to interact with on big screens.

All “Add” buttons open forms to fill in.

There are automations that will add paid UTL bills and loan instalments to the expense tracker and send a reminder if you don’t pay UTL bills by the end of a given month. Check them out and customize if needed.

Raw data is stored separately. If you delete any table view within “working” pages you can pull it back again.

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