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Katelyn Bourgoin
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A note from Katelyn Bourgoin

The creator of the
When we first started producing Why We Buy back in 2020, our process was messy and it felt like things were constantly falling through the cracks.
We needed a central place to brainstorm newsletter topics, manage production of each issue, keep track of sponsorships, and plan growth campaigns.
Our Coda Newsletter OS helped us to streamline newsletter production. Now that we have a reusable and scalable operating system for our newsletter, we can invest more time in growing our subscriber base and creating content that our readers (and sponsors) love.
We wanted to share the Coda templates we used to grow Why We Buy to tens of thousands of subscribers and 6 figures in sponsorships here! Here’s what you’ll get from this Coda doc:
— establish your newsletter’s foundation
— create a repeatable template for your newsletter issues
— store your best content ideas for upcoming issues
— central hub to keep track of upcoming issues and deadlines
— all-in-one stop for tracking and growing your sponsors
— ideate and track initiatives to increase your subscribers and sponsorships

Want to get started with building your own Newsletter OS to operate and grow your newsletter like the Why We Buy newsletter?
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