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KANU Awareness Campaign

**Instagram Carousel Ad Design Brief for KANU**
Objective: Drive awareness and engagement with KANU among Gen Z college students, spotlighting the platform's dual value as a place to both sell unique creations and shop for peer-made products.
Campaign Duration: September 10 - September 24, 2023.
**Ad Format:** Instagram Carousel (5 Slides).
Target Demographics: - Age Group: 18-24 years. - College students with entrepreneurial ambitions or those searching for unique, student-made products. - Interests: Startups, College Life, Online Shopping, DIY, and Crafts.
Visual Flow:
1. **Slide 1:** - **Image:** Dynamic campus snapshot showing diverse students engaged with their mobile devices. - **Overlay Text:** "Meet KANU: The Ultimate College Marketplace!"
2. **Slide 2:** - **Image:** A confident student entrepreneur setting up their digital storefront on KANU. - **Overlay Text:** "Showcase your talent. Go live in minutes!"
3. **Slide 3:** - **Image:** Curious students exploring KANU's unique product range. - **Overlay Text:** "Shop student-made. Discover fresh & unique finds!"
4. **Slide 4:** - **Image:** Montage of trending products on KANU - focus on variety. - **Overlay Text:** "Artsy sketches to techy widgets - KANU's got it!"
5. **Slide 5:** - **Image:** A jubilant student unboxing a purchase with KANU branding visible. - **Overlay Text:** "Hop on the KANU wave. Dive in today!"
**Caption Narrative:** "Sup, college crew! 🎓💡 Ever thought of selling your craft or hunting for hidden campus gems? Enter KANU! Your go-to college marketplace. Swipe to unlock the magic! 🔥 #KANUforCollege #CollegeHustle #MadeByUsForUs"
**CTA Button:** "Dive into KANU!"
**Hashtags:** #KANUvibe #CollegeBazaar #HustleOnCampus #GenZMakers #KANUWave
**Design Guidelines:**
- Prioritize a Gen Z-friendly aesthetic: Bold colors, fresh fonts, and GIF-like dynamism. - Celebrate diversity: Showcase students from varied backgrounds and majors. - Create a journey: The carousel should take users from the 'aha' moment to the 'I want in' moment. - Keep visuals clutter-free while ensuring the KANU brand stands out.
**Feedback Mechanism:**
- Consider running a soft launch for 48 hours and gathering insights on engagement. - Host a virtual feedback session with a small group of Gen Z students for qualitative feedback.
This refined brief provides more specific guidance on the visual flow, a tweaked caption narrative to better resonate with Gen Z's direct and casual style, and introduces a soft launch mechanism for feedback.
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