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KANU Awareness Campaign

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Introductory Template:

Name: Campus Introduction
Design Brief: A versatile template to introduce KANU to any new campus community.
Dimensions: Instagram Feed (1080x1080 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: Use KANU's branding colors as the base, with a placeholder for the campus logo and an image of students (generic or campus-specific).
CTA: "Discover KANU on [Campus Name] Now!”

Success Story Template:

Name: Campus Success Story
Design Brief: Highlight different student success stories across various campuses.
Dimensions: Instagram Feed (1080x1080 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: Student portrait on one side, with space for their venture visuals and a quote on the other. Maintain a consistent typography and style for quotes.
CTA: "Join KANU and Start Your Success Story!”

Feature Carousel Template:

Name: KANU Features Carousel
Design Brief: A carousel template detailing KANU's features.
Dimensions: Instagram Carousel (1080x1080 pixels per slide)
Visual Suggestions: Use icons or illustrations for each feature with brief descriptions. Keep the style consistent with KANU branding.
CTA: "Explore All Features on KANU Today!”

Comparison Template:

Name: KANU vs. Others
Design Brief: Compare KANU to generic platforms, underscoring its unique benefits for college students.
Dimensions: Instagram Feed (1080x1080 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: A split design with KANU on one side and a generic platform on the other. Use icons to denote features/benefits.
CTA: "Experience the KANU Difference!”

Live Session Promo Template:

Name: Live Session Promo
Design Brief: Advertise various Instagram Live sessions or webinars KANU hosts.
Dimensions: Instagram Stories (1080x1920 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: A lively backdrop with placeholders for the date, time, and topic. Use KANU branding colors.
CTA: "Join Us Live on [Date & Time]!”

Testimonial Template:

Name: Alumni/Student Testimonial
Design Brief: Showcase endorsements or positive feedback about KANU from students or alumni.
Dimensions: Instagram Feed (1080x1080 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: Photo on one side with a quote on the other. A clean, consistent typography style for quotes.
CTA: "Join the KANU Community Now!”

Infographic Stats Template:

Name: KANU Success Metrics
Design Brief: Share various success metrics or interesting stats about KANU.
Dimensions: Instagram Feed (1080x1080 pixels)
Visual Suggestions: Use icons, graphs, or charts to represent data visually. Stick to a color scheme aligned with KANU branding.
CTA: "Be Part of the Success. Join KANU!”

Each of these templates will enable the marketing team to produce consistent and high-quality content for any campus initiative. The placeholders can be updated with campus-specific data, images, or information. Always ensure that the CTA stands out, either with a contrasting color or a design element that draws attention.
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