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Welcome to the KANU Ambassador Dashboard! 🎉

Hello and welcome, future change-maker! We're thrilled you've decided to be a KANU Ambassador. Here, you'll find everything you need to make your ambassador journey not just fruitful, but also a ton of fun!

First Steps to Unleashing Your Potential:

Join the Discord Community: Your first move is to become a part of our thriving Discord channel. Simply click the 'Join Ambassador Community' button and introduce yourself! Share your preferred name, school year, the institution you're a part of, and throw in one fun fact about yourself for good measure.
Tasks & Opportunities: Once you're all settled in on Discord, head over to the 'Tasks & Opportunities' section on this dashboard. This is where you'll find a variety of tasks that you can undertake to earn points and make a significant impact.

Got Questions? Reach out to:

For general inquiries and support:
For technical issues:

Tips for Staying in the Loop:

Make sure you turn on Discord notifications to never miss an update.
To keep up on the go, download the Discord app on your smartphone.
Now, what are you waiting for? Start by checking out the 'Tasks & Opportunities' section to get started!
Looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you'll accomplish.
The KANU Team
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