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SEO Squad Hub

This will serve as the SEO Squad Hub, where we keep track of all documents, work to be done, backlog ideas, and more. If you’re curious what we’re working on, our mission, goals, or anything else, have a look around, all are welcome here!

Do this first:

Join #seo-squad slack channel for updates or just say hi 👋
Get to know who’s on the team to see who you maybe need to reach out to in our team info tracker
Want to know more about SEO, but not sure where to start? Check out our SEO trainings page!
Where to find what you need.
Snapshots of who’s on the team and their roles & responsibilities
Team Strategy
An overall look at what the team’s mission + strategy is for 2021 and onwards
Have a look at our team goals for 2021
A backlog of ideas/tests/tasks
Any link to the agency work, presentations, etc.
Want to learn more about SEO? Check out our recorded trainings with our agency!
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What is this doc, anyway?

Our team’s single source of truth: Everything you need to know about who our team is and what we’re doing is detailed here.

A few reminders.

Because all of our goals are reflections of the company’s mission and values, we’ve added them below.
Our purpose
To spark the connections that show why every person counts.
Our values
Drive - Always pushing forward and finding ways to contribute.
Rally - Coming together quickly to meet a challenge.
Positivity - Having an optimistic energy that lifts up the team.
Authenticity - Being true to yourself and accepting of others.
Caring - Staying attuned to other people and doing right by them.

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