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Remember the days when you were a child and you were building things with lego?

You used plastic blocks that had different shapes and colors to make various creations like buildings, vehicles, and animals. The same set of plastic blocks let you build different things. The only thing that was stopping you was your imagination.
Building things with lego is not that far from building teams and companies. Think of the ways of working of each team and company as a set of lego. Each plastic block represents a specific technique, framework, and principles used.
. While each company is different, the building blocks used by the best product companies (think Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and many more) are shockingly similar. This is where I write about the blocks they use - their techniques, practices, frameworks, principles, and views. No fancy talk, just step-by-step instructions on how to apply those yourself.

My name is , I'm a CTO and a product leader, and that's the future I want to help build. That's why I created this newsletter.

Product Blocks is a newsletter on building blocks for creating great product teams and successful tech companies step-by-step.

💌 Content

I post practical guides for product, design, and engineering people every two weeks.
Example subjects and guides include:
🎯 leadership and ☀️ culture
company mission workshop recipe and examples
company values deck template
vision workshop recipe and examples
strategy workshop recipe and examples
north star metrics
company KPI trees
effective OKR setup and examples
🥡 product management and 🎨 product design
outcome-oriented roadmap templates
product prioritization techniques
PRD templates
⚙️ engineering
product goals in product (engineering) teams
technical radar in your company
tech debt handling strategy
aligning tech teams by using RFC and ADRs
a road to continuous delivery
👥 people, management, and 🕸 organizational design
splitting teams strategies
KPIs for product and engineering
hiring and onboarding employees' checklists
measuring team health & performance
roles and team skill matrix (product teams, leadership)
organization structure recommendations
product trio (Product Manager, Product Designer, Tech Lead) setup
guilds and matrix structure
... and many more!

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