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Virgin Media & O2 Task 2


The Product Owner who looks after the online house move process at Virgin Media has approached you. They are keen to understand existing pain points of the current online house move journey and to explore how, if at all, it could be improved. Virgin Media want to provide customers with a ​journey/experience that meets expectations in order to improve retention rates when customers move home.


You will find the online journey here:
How would you go about answering this question for them? What research approach would you adopt in order to answer their business question?
Outline your proposed approach/methodology, and give some examples of the types of questions you would ask in order to answer your business questions
If you intend to recruit research participants, provide guidance on who you would recruit and likely sample sizes.

Note: Within Virgin Media O2 we have access to Content Square, Userzoom and Qualtrics (for website and email surveys), so you would be able to use any of these platforms if you would like to. Your answer to this task can be presented back in any way you like.
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