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Copy of Your Progressive Summarization Notebook


@System Writer
This is your new notebook for class. Who doesn’t love a new notebook? How about a new “Coda Notebook?!”
Follow along and this doc will show you how to get started.
It will walk you through a style of note-taking we use called, “Progressive Summarization” (or P.S.). Then it will become a place where you take notes in your
and research for your final paper.
Purpose of This Doc:
This doc is a tutorial on how to take notes using progressive summarization: 👉 You will start at
and then move on to
. Follow the pointing fingers or use the sidebar with numbers for navigation.
This doc is also your Notebook “portfolio” for all of your reading notes for class: 👉 Start at
for your Reading Notes for This Class.

If you have questions with how to use this notebook please use the “@” and mention
@C. Wess Daniels
in a comment.

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