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Project Charter: World Refugee Day 2024 Lead Video

The project charter outlines the creation of a 60-second video for World Refugee Day 2024 aimed at raising empathy and understanding for refugees through emotive storytelling and visuals. The video will convey the universal struggles and solutions related to refugee experiences to a global audience, aligning with UNHCR's values. The project includes clear goals, scope definition, deliverables, and a structured project management process consisting of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing phases. The project seeks to achieve impactful communication for the event and solidify UNHCR's commitment to aiding refugees, with the charter providing a roadmap for the project's successful execution and management.


This project aims to produce a compelling 60-second narrative video for World Refugee Day 2024. The video seeks to foster empathy and understanding for refugees by drawing parallels between their experiences and universal challenges faced by all. Through high-quality, emotive visuals and storytelling, the project will highlight the everyday struggles of refugees and emphasize the need for humanitarian efforts to provide solutions. The initiative is driven by the need to raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees worldwide and to encourage action and support.


To create a powerful narrative that fosters empathy and understanding for refugees.
To highlight the solutions that exist for refugees, focusing on themes of inclusion, solidarity, and empathy.
To engage and inform a global audience, including young adults, professionals, policymakers, educators, and potential donors, through social media platforms and other distribution channels.
To uphold UNHCR's commitment to supporting refugees by showcasing their strength, resilience, and the solutions that can assist them.

Project Planning

Scope Definition:

Assessment of current storytelling and visual content strategies.
Identification of key messages and themes for the video.
Establishment of clear objectives for each segment of the video.

Key Deliverables:

A detailed content outline and storyboard for the lead video and solution shorts.
High-quality, emotive visuals and split-screen techniques to show parallel lives.
An actionable and time-bound publishing and distribution strategy.

Project Management Process

Assemble project team comprised of storytellers, videographers, editors, and key stakeholders.
Define project boundaries, limitations, and resources available.
Develop project schedule including milestones, critical paths, and deadlines.
Identify tools and methodologies to be used for tracking the project's progress.
Allocate tasks and responsibilities among team members.
Implement content creation as per the content outline and storyboard.
Document process, changes, and adaptations for ongoing assessment.
Monitoring and Controlling:
Regularly review progress against the project schedule and milestones.
Adjust strategies and planning based on feedback and challenges encountered.
Ensure resource availability and manage any scope changes effectively.
Validate all goals of the video have been met through robust testing and stakeholder feedback.
Document lessons learned and provide final report encapsulating the project outcomes.
Transition management of the ongoing storytelling strategy to the operational control of the designated team.


The successful completion of this project will significantly enhance the impact of World Refugee Day 2024 communications and reinforce UNHCR's dedication to providing solutions for refugees. This charter outlines the pathway towards achieving these objectives, underpinning a structured and well-managed approach to storytelling and digital engagement.
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