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Flagrant at RailsConf May 2022

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Flagrant In Action

To-do list in Basecamp:

^Link to BaseCamp thread

1. Put Up Stickers!

GPK stickers
Flagrant stickers

2. Flagrant Reset Space 🗒🖊

Find a space/wall/window/area to share prompt + leave out stickie notes for our team + other attendees to interact & respond.
Take 2 minutes to write/doodle out on a sticky note:
Prompt Ideas:
NEW: Biggest failure at work that taught you the most?
NEW: Weirdest thing you’ve ever done in the name of self-care?
NEW: How do you keep remote life human?
NEW: I am coming here in the thick of <BIG IMPORTANT STRESSFUL THING> and I am doing <THIS THING> to stay present.
What's the strangest thing you packed for RailsConf?
What new information or connections are you hoping to experience at this conference?
What is one thing you are hoping to get out of day one at RailsConf?
What program(s) are you most looking forward to attending today?
What are some things that can be challenging for you at a conference (reflect on past/current experiences)
What are some boundaries you can set to help with these challenges?
What are you most hoping will come from the connections you start at RailsConf this year?
Craft a conversation starter!
“Hi! My name is ___ and I’m really excited about being at RailsConf. I’m working on a project related to ______ and I’m hoping to find others in that area. Does that relate to your work?”
Sing whatever you're doing aloud. Weird Benefit: Increases endorphins.
Collect walk souvenirs for your desk. Weird Benefit: Visual reminder to move and observe your surroundings.
Work somewhere different in your home for the day. Weird Benefit: Less autopilot thinking.
Send a co-worker a random fact that has nothing to do with work. Weird Benefit: Connection beyond project work.
Day 1: note 3 things related to your goal that you feel like you were able to actualize during day one
Day 1: taking these into consideration, what’s one goal you’d like to put toward tomorrow?
Day 2: Reflect on 3 meaningful connections or conversations you had today
Day 3: What are 3 follow up actions you will take after RailsConf to foster your new connections?


We are supporting:

backup org:

4. Virtual Give Away (Sponsorship)


15 minutes of ___________.
Alt: A choose your own adventure virtual giveaway.
Alt: A virtual gift that adds serious realness to your day.


A Flagrant Weirdo will join you remotely to facilitate a 1:1, small group, or team activity to boost your mood or share deep thoughts. We’ll coordinate in advance to bring an appropriate exercise for the size and type of group you provide.
Alt: Where are you needing a boost? Sign up for a free virtual soul snack of your choosing:
Lip-Smacking Joy
Flagrant will facilitate a free 15 minute demo that’ll be sure to hit the spot. Just let us know group size and we’ll make it happen.



Notes & Archives



Don’t forget to feed the host.
Alt: Network with humanity.
Alt: Everything you want to do at work can start here in the streets.
The path to RailsConf is paved with need. If everyone in attendance donated $1 to <cause> we’d provide <$xxxxx> worth of stability and belonging to <the benefitting community>.
Scan this QR code to make a donation today. Flagrant is committing $xx to help <fill in when the org responds.>


Pre conference:
1. Graphic with Jim/JB/Cody/Joyce/Amanda heads. Include RailsConf logo and dates.
Copy: Proud to be your RailsConf bubble - we’ll be there to jiggle your soul, warm your belly, and give you space to breathe as you experience the conference. See you May 17th!
2. Graphic: The introvert’s guide to RailsConf - maybe we could give some self-care tips? What to pack, how to carve out space for yourself, how to recharge, etc.
3. Photo grid: Showcase everyone’s quintessential “Conference” outfit - khakis, converse, weird tees?
Copy: Conference couture - it’s a thing.
NEW: JEN-INSPIRED: Can use the graphic idea from my first option above.
Copy: Who else is bringing the funk to #RailsConf? (tag everyone’s connections)

During conference (once we decide on activities I can add more specific options):
1. Photo of a Sharpie and sticky notes:
Copy: Someone has to keep a tech conference human. Come enjoy a well-deserved screen break with Flagrant! <need location>
2. Video of Jim picking his fro to camera.
Copy: We’re taking on-the-spot interviews at RailsConf. Designers! Developers! Podcasters! If you want to have a philosophical conversations with this guy, stop by! <need location>
3. Photos of in-progress activities. (Depending on what we do.)
Copy: We have a healthy culture of experimentation at Flagrant - and we brought it in full force to RailsConf. Presenting, xxxxx.
NEW: JEN-INSPIRED: Image of various members of the team - can be solo or doubled up.
Copy: We’re setting up a meditative oasis <HERE>. Come chat self-care with Joyce and Amanda!
Copy: We’re creating a contemplative bubble <HERE>. Come chat philosophy (aka fave Dune quotes) with JB!
Copy: We’re making mad libs for the soul <HERE>. Come and tell Jim and Cody the weirdest thing you packed for the conference.

Post conference post ideas (needs discussion):
Graphic promoting our fave talks?
Blog about keeping interactions human at a tech conference?
Retro of our activities?
How to have “presence” at a conference without a booth? Why scrappy still sells?
1. Photos of everyone with their airplane pillows.
Copy: We Rails-ed. We Conf-ed. We’re so thrilled to have sponsored an incredible week of human-ing. Thank you to the organizers, the presenters and the attendees! What was everyone’s favorite #RailsConf moment?
Jim says: We know the organizers by name we should call them out. (@-them, or just mention?)

Virtual Give Away Notes:

Idea: Sign up for remote facilitation 15min Flagrant Reset
Choose your mood:
funny/ice breaking
getting to know the people you work with
cody sunshine time
Email contact

Email → have a convo & schedule session
After each facilitation: survey to track & measure
capture beginning & end
Sign up for your 14-day free trial and deploy our agent by June 1st, 2022 and receive 50% off your first month with Scout APM! Contact to learn more.
Where does this live? Google Form? Build within Savvy Cal?
Joyce created a test SavvyCal link in Jim’s savvy cal:
Research Table: Ruby Flagrant-ly Cares

Ruby Flagrant-ly Cares

Create a single page website presented by flagrant
#Rubyfriends #rubycares #railscares #flagrantcares
supporting homelessness focused organizations in the area
ideal: BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ & YOUTH serving
solely social media based - start on sunday 5/15
Situation: we are coming into a town, go from airport to hotel to airport and don’t really experience the local city or opportunity to make a positive impact ← SHORT TERM STAY
greater direct impact on local population
rubycares donations in total of x were raised by attendees at the conference
birds of a feather session/lightning talk at the conference to talk about it
talk to speakers & plug during their talks - Jim to share out
get the organization to share/talk about it too
send us assets of logo + photos
organization to partner with (501c3 or tax exempt organization + way to donate online)
no meta charities, focus on local people doing the work ← LONG TERM IMPACT

Notes from Jen re: post ideas

we’re going to be HERE, come chat with ___
feature a different team member
we sponsored! & thank organizer for event
if there was an event/topic all enjoyed, everyone was buzzed about something, call out to it
we’re going to be there, how about you? and tag ppl & hashtags
if ppl respond they won’t be there because $, we can start convo to see if we can offer our 20% off RailsConf discount code

PRE Conference

reaching out/letting people know we’re coming
research who’s going to be there & what talks are happening
look at sponsorships & team up in their booth
prep social media post
Pre conference - hello! we’re coming!
During conference - planning dinner?
Post conference
swag/goodies/leave outs -
Sponsorship needs:
100 word blub for sponsor page- Morgan
banner ad - promote Flagrant as a company - Design & Copy
PNG of logos - long & square w/ yellow
Virtual goodie: sign up for remote facilitation 15min Flagrant Reset
Choose one word story/breath & movement/fake reviews
Survey afterwards to track & measure
Set up savvy cal w/ 75 slots
Job opportunities - DUE MAY 6TH
Senior Dev -
Jr Dev

DURING Conference

aim for
Brand awareness for Flagrant
Introducing more members of the team to the community
talk and engage with people
Connect with people
Name, company, position, what interested u?
getting people connected immediately with folks on the ground
social media post

POST Conference

spreadsheet of contacts
reach out to connections made
Trip retro?
social media post

Leave outs/Virtual goodies

QR code based scavenger hunt
inspo: Leaving out squid game business card with code & solve puzzle of some sort
finding 5-7-9 locations & hide a code
pair with voodoo donuts or something to add a QR code on wall and we’re going to direct a lot of people here to scan in
Include prompts like questions for newbies or things to avoid?
MTWC coffee from Amanda's parent's roastery?
What about taking a small group of mentors and scholarship mentees to dinner or an activity or something?
Gift certificates and a trip to Powells (one of the greatest bookstores in the world!)? First come first serve.
Templates for Retros
Stack of 10 ideas to make your workplace more equitable
improve exercises

Flagrant Booth Space Ideas

Kiddie pool w/ ball pit
Tea & talk time
Breath & movement sessions for our team to rest & check-in
Weekly Wednesday Reset/Recharge
Being in-person with other humans (Post-its, Sharpies, Prompts, Telestrations?)
Stickie notes of our team’s goals/expectations/learning/reflections
Expectations & reflections
Utilize Kex’s library/rooftop space -
Similarly we could schedule a cooking class like experience. Or we could identify a need. (e.g. quality breakfast for vegans is usually hard to source in conference environments although that specifically may not be a problem in Portland).
Portland has a huge (like uncomfortably large) population of people experiencing homelessness. Might there be some action we can lead to help with that situation?
We can and should plan to lead some Birds of a Feather sessions. These are easy ways for us to lead/facilitate conversations and if we plan them in advance we can get word out to folks. It's also a way for us to drive conversations to our strengths.
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