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LocationIQ Mapping Pack Documentation

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Feature Requests

Please review the current requests before creating a new one.
This pack is powered by LocationIQ. Read more about their APIs here:
Current Requests
A more detailed documentation. For example, how do you integrate the sliding scale bar?
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A couple of different options: 1) return name, latitude and longitude to a specific named field 2) have a floating message with the above For me, 1) would be most useful
Crew Algorithm
Emulating manner in which crews in physical production are placed on hold(s) and booked. example: cinematographer is confirmed they can travel a 600 operator and a 1st. The preferred operator is unavailable and will make recommendations but does not know their availability. The cinematographer (parent) has to then review and approve recommend (child). An algorithm can make recommendations based on work history filtering those available for project dates while also prioritizing operators in the territory (cost savings on travel). Everyone will be able to promote an alternate in their APAC profile. Doing so will reward them. result: upm / production manager can present options with the producers review and approval. Candidates will be pre-qualified for rate, style , work and relationship frequency, classification . If the budget for commercial union operator is 700 w/o OT (min is 56ph X 10 STN or $560 per day US) this will be the floor but using private invoice information of operators in the database we can present
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