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Google Sheets Pack Documentation

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Use Cases

Problem: You have information in Google Sheets that you want to use with Coda. This is not static data that you can pull into Coda 1 time, but something that gets updated and you want the data to stay up to date in Coda.
Solution: Use the to create a dynamic import from Google Sheets that keeps your data in sync.
You can set it the pack to sync from Google Sheets manually, every hour or every day.
If you already have a Google Form that you want to keep using, but you want to use the data in Coda, you can pull the data from the form spreadsheet into Coda and use it however you want. This is a dynamic sync, so every time the form gets submitted, the data will be pulled into Coda. It’s not instant and depends on your settings, but it will pull the data into Coda
If you are working with another team that insists on using Google Sheets and you want to integrate the sheet with Coda, this Pack can be very helpful to dynamically pull in the data.

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