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Google Sheets Pack Documentation

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Getting Started



The allows you to quickly and easily import data from Google Sheets into Coda with just a URL.
You can import all or just a part of any sheet and turn it into a synced table in Coda that will automatically stay up to date with your Google Sheet.
This can be great for using existing Google Forms as well.

You must give the pack access to your spreadsheets to use this pack

Anyone that has edit access to the Coda doc will be able to view data from Google Sheets using the account that you link to it

Short Demo video

This video will walk you through setting up and using this Pack.

Pulling in only part of a spreadsheet:

If you want to only pull in part of a spreadsheet, you need to get a special URL to that part of the spreadsheet in Google.
Select the area that you want to pull into Coda
Right click and select “View more cell actions” on the very bottom of the list and then “Get link to this range
That will give you a special URL with a “range” parameter. It should end with something like this: &range=A1:B2 you can of course craft your own range parameter if needed using

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