Brand architecture

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LOOVE corp structure
current / working name
related property
revenue streams
corp structure
2) Nonprofit org
Loove LLC
Loove LLC
parent brand
LOOVE’s parent brand, generally, is focused on devising progressive business logic and standards for the arts community (the will to create and build around standards being a precursor to the movement-generation vehicle.) Those standards are informed by a sequence of 7-10 commandments- to drive towards worthy and sustainable collective outcomes via examination and revelation and a commitment to transparency and equitability for all stakeholders.
3) digital platforms
3.C3 - API misc
transparent distribution platform
a B2B2B enterprise platform for institutional clients in the arts who are interested in pursuing an equitable profitsharing model, both as a way to serve their artists, to refine their model and to engage audiences at a higher level. The platform is designed to facilitate curation, rights management, profitsharing, disbursement and reporting operations in a way that’s informed by the standards and templates devised by the parent org.
3.C3 - API misc
profitshare marketplace
a b2c discovery hub focused on redefining and upgrading the roles and transactional experience overall in the arts marketplace to be more participatory, engaging, sustainable, informative and inspiring. It's described as a transparent distribution platform and each client series could be described as a transparent profitsharing series powered by our platform.
4) media group
loove label
4.C2 - Editorial
profitshare label
Loove label is a transparent profitsharing series hosted on Motive and operated through Wholetone’s CMS. Its core objectives include creating opportunity for creative artists across genres and generations and inspiring audiences to support the production, performance and curation of new work.
4.C2 - Editorial
community journal
4.C2 - Editorial
secondary profitshare label
58N6 Media Labs
6.B2 - A/V tech
production operations conducted out of the inhouse studio
6) local org
58N6 Media Labs
6.B1 - Studio
Loove Labs
6.B3 - Events
Loove labs (the studio / venue complex at either location) is a next-generation live production studio, focused on broadcast, streaming and presentation operations with a mission to create opportunity for artists and to get audiences engaged at the inception point as new work is created.
Loove Labs
loove local
6.A3 - Facility Mgt
local brand

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