Miami for Everyone 2022

Unstoppable Domains


They are going to have an an englsih and a spanish workshop
, they will be held in 2 separate rooms,
they want to make sure that everyone has a computer, the event will be held in the computer lab


Sharing some of their own content on Venture Miami
They are already in the process of producing a video that we can promote.


a Bounty for the hackers to build something using their product
office hours or have their team available via discord to answer any questions for the wallet

Overall Goals

sees this as a first step to all of the future things they want to do with the city of miami,
they want to focus on building the relationship with the city of miami
Success: people have a great experience with their content and they understand what it means to have a digital identity and a self-custody wallet — in lay man’s terms
they want new users throughout the event

Logistics for

registration for the guests,
they want co-branded one-pages
table for the sponsors (sponsor alley)
promo toolkit,

Follow-up with Kelly / Unstoppable Domains

Finalize what room she seems the workshops happening in
Collateral for each of the sponsors
AMA week of June 12-15 for unstoppable domains
Share some bounty ideas — unstoppable log-in product, $1-10K bounty in addition to overall sponsorship
Share the Discord with the Unstoppable Domains team
Send the donation certification to Bennett

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