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PlotSnap is a screenwriting consulting agency. We’re unique as we use our own, distinctive analysis process to identify new writers and help production companies work with them.
We focus on:
reading and rating screenplays
identifying new and talented writers while promoting diversity
managing writers’ room teams to produce screenplays for production companies (and anyone else who wants a story) that are produced quickly, to a high quality and are flexible in adopting feedback
We are UK focused but are looking to expand overseas in the future.

Screenplay reviews

Our proprietary screenplay review and rating system helps us identify the best screenplays. can see which are the top rated and we can set up introductions with the writer.

New writers and diversity

We promote diversity of background, thought, location and experience with . We work with production companies to ensure that a range of voices are heard and advertise jobs to our community.

Managing writers

We manage teams of writers to get scripts written in a quicker, more collaborative way than is traditional. This means that screenplays can be written quickly and with input from producers and production companies to ensure it meets what they’re looking for.

Get in touch

If you like the sound of this, either because you’re a writer looking to elevate your work, or a producer looking for talent or to develop an idea, please get in touch.

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