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Shipping SOP - Introduction

Introduction to HRH/JMC Global and our Europe/Asia partner
Date: 7/14/2022
Instructions and procedures for HRH & JMC Global to provide Full-Service transportation and Logistics needs for your domestic and international Logistics needs.
Key Deliverables
Review PO/Contract
Must see the detail before we set the communication
Finalize Vendor Form
Based on what we see for orders, we can ask the right questions
Send Intro videos
General Overview/The SOP Specific
Send videos to RI’s
Send Introductory email to vendor with videos
Intro HRH/Deugros
Meeting/Phone/Email depending on need
Business Application
HRH /Vendor
Working through
Payment - ACH W9
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Intro Video JMC Global


Account Setup

1. Account Set up for new Clients involves completing a Business Application, ACH payment details and W-9.
2. Do a Client On-Boarding Call Review customer shipping process, logistics expectations, Reporting requirements, billing procedures for both parties (Billing backup) and Project specific details. Introduce Operations and accounting Teams.
3. Client contacts JMC via email with Order#, Vendor details and instructions on service
requirements. (i.e.. Air Freight, Ocean- LCL, FCL, Ground, Foreign to Foreign, Courier)
4. JMC will need the following documentation for shipping. Client can provide or if they authorize, JMC will procure these documents from the Shipper:
a. Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
b. Commercial Invoice with HTS Code and Country of Origin for all products
c. Packing List with individual Packaging Details: # of packages, type of package, weights and dims per package.
5. JMC will initiate contact with vendor and arrange for pickup schedule and corresponding routing based on availability.
6. For Import Shipments:
a. JMC provides customs clearance as well as coordinates annual Continuous Bond application.
b. If Client wants to use their own Customs Broker, provide name & contact details (Tel # & email).
c. JMC will liaison with Broker for the Clearance process and release of goods with the carrier.
d. DUTIES: IF JMC does clearance, then Duties & handling fee would need to be paid at time of entry. Shipper/Importer has the Option to pay US Customs online directly if they so choose.
7. JMC arranges Door Delivery and appointments based on client’s timeline requirements.
8. Provide regular shipment status to our client via email, real time expediting and order management reports and/or Access to our Order Management Portal and email notifications of shipment milestones (Scheduled, In-transit and delivered)
9. Billing of shipments will be issued once goods are picked up at origin. Payment terms will be based on client/project agreements.

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