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Best Practices for Launching your Pack
Welcome to Coda’s Best Practices for Launching your Pack. This doc is designed to give you the tools you need to introduce your Pack to the world. Start below by copying this doc, then walking through each of the steps to prepare to take your Pack to market.

Best practices checklist

This checklist will make sure you’ve implemented the learnings covered in this doc
To use this checklist, first copy this doc by clicking here:
Copy this Doc
Release your latest stable version in the Versions tab of the Pack Editor
Complete your , including:
Pack name
Header image
Support email
Create at least one doc that demonstrates your Pack’s use case(s) - prepare to publish at launch
Share the Pack with team members / peers to test
Solidify your and now you’re ready to publish!

What are Packs?

Here’s how Coda describes Packs to the world, in 100 words:
A Pack is an extension that adds new powers to your doc. Packs customize the core building blocks of Coda to change how your doc looks and works. With a little JavaScript, anyone can create and publish a Pack to the Gallery. Makers have created Packs that do everything from integrate your Salesforce contacts into a CRM table, to generating memes from your meeting notes. Let’s build building blocks together.
Packs are a building block in Coda, like tables, buttons, pages, and formulas. Pack is a proper noun, so it is always capitalized.

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