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YOUTH LIFE 2021/22

The How

How Are The Weekly Operations Going To Work? [WITH TIMELINES AND PROCESS]
At Launch: we hope to be at least 2 weeks - a month ahead every time
Same thing with everything
Filming will be done in accordance to the availability of speaker and host (Joanne or Pastor Joel)
Filming will be done through Zoom
Will talk to Nathan Figueroa, Aj or Jappy on creative ways of doing a conversation on youtube
Possiblely launch a Facebook group to engage with parents (similar to JRAM kids)
Operations Management
We will work with 2 teams!
Zoom Team
Social Media Team
reference “Team Task” for tasks
Purpose of Team
Possible Names
Zoom Team
This team will work to shepard and guide the youth members by providing an environment of discussion and fellowship. They’re main goal is to have intentional relationships with youth, giving them a family when they don’t have one!
Pia Tiangca
Jabez Realina
Qui Diaz
Social Media Team
This team will work consecutively within the weekly operations. Making announcements, making Instagram and Facebook posts and stories and largely engaging in social media!
Jonathan Bautista
Kezia Fajardo
Christian “Tads”Tadena
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