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YOUTH LIFE 2021/22

The Why

Purpose, Goals/Objectives, Measurable & Description
“Youth Life” is now going on Youtube & Facebook!
Three times a month, we will have videos posted on Youtube & Facebook!
This will feel similar to JRAM Kids episodes and JRAM Central Episodes! Each episode is 30mins long in hopes to engage youth in their busy schedules and encourage questions and continue discussion in their local groups.
The last week of every month will be on Zoom designed to sit down and talk about what was learned throughout the month.
Purpose Statement
Welcome to ‘Youth Life’ where we get to learn about the life-giving story of Jesus to live a life of worship!
Goals & Measureables
How are we to accomplish this
Provide a resource to learn and grow
Seeing how the videos will be used as a resource for bible study & youth leaders.
At the end of every month, we’ll incorporate what was learned online when meeting up on Zoom at the end of the month! Discussions will be held with reviews set for them!
Online Engagement that will lead to an in-person engagement.
Taking a look at views and seeing if our community grows! Hopefully, This will eventually lead them towards a small group or a church if they aren’t in JRAM!
Youth Life is also designed for those who doesn’t really have a small group or YYA group to be in. So if gathering them to watch these videos will be a great way to engage with them online then thats a great accomplishment!
We’ll do this in two ways:
Increasing our social media presence and having a social media team to moderate and analyze the growth
2. During the end of the month Zoom meetings, how is the attendance?
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