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The ultimate college doc to organize your tasks, assignments, internships, and deadlines in one place! Use this doc to start your college journey!!
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When entering college, many students (including me) struggle to stay on tasks, keep their assignments organized, build good habits, keep track of their spending, and so on. I created this doc on Coda, to release college students’ frustrations of staying on task, organized, and compile everything they (might) need on to one interface. Feel free to adjust anything to your liking.

Stats of College Students Struggling With Organizational Skills

A nationwide survey conducted by Greenfield Online found that:
- 48.4% of college students say they don’t have enough time to do their course work
- 87% of students say that better time management and organization skills would help them get better grades
- 50% of students do not use a single system to manage all their contacts, assignments, lecture notes and research
- 88% of college students want to improve their time management ability
“While critical thinking and comprehension skills are essential for any college course, it’s also important that students have the ability to effectively manage their time.
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