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02 How do I participate?

The Innovation Process

How do we begin? Let’s think about what problems we could solve together. What are pain points you or your colleagues have experienced? What about the pain points of our customers, volunteers, vendors, and donors? Is there something that you’ve identified as troublesome in your day-to-day work or something that you think is worth solving at the national level? Let’s get these thoughts documented as part of (Section 03).
We will then be hosting workshops where we can brainstorm ways we could address those pain points. Ideas can be also
What happens after the workshops? The initial concepts will be sorted into opportunity areas and then evaluated by the Supply Chain SLT using three key factors:
DESIRABILITY (Human factor): Does the idea help address a significant pain point? Does the target user want this?
VIABILITY (Business factor): Is this idea sustainable? What has to be true for this to work? What is the business case?
FEASIBILITY (Technical factor): Will the idea work? Is it functionally possible in the foreseeable future?

The end outcome would be a prioritized, short list of concepts that we could pursue.

Task List

Please complete the below asks as part of our collaboration process. The rows highlighted in yellow are required.
Due date
What problems could we solve together? Please submit them to let us know what are our pain points in Laboratory Services, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Operations (Section 03).
Nov 30, 2021
Attend and actively engage during 1 of our 3 Innovation Workshops - December 1, January 20, February 14
Feb 14, 2022
Looking for inspiration of what other companies are doing to innovate within Supply Chain? Feel free to check out the
Mar 31, 2022
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