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Welcome to the team!

As a minister to kids, you play a huge role in our church. You get a front row seat to what God is doing in the lives of kids. You have the unique privilege of introducing them to God's story and helping them find their place in it.
On top of all that, your role brings with it a whole lot of influence. Sandals Church Kids represents both the largest ministry and volunteer team at each campus. In fact, that's why we threw together this resource. We want to prepare you so that you can lead at a high level and serve kids, families and volunteers well.

Where do I start?

If you are new to our kids ministry team, head to the page to find out how to get started with your new hire training. You can also check out our to meet your new team members!
If you are part of a campus launch, check out the page to find out how to get started with the launch process.

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