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St Vincent's Master Resource Guide

A one-stop shop for everything related to our team, initiatives, and processes.

For now, this document is just a draft. The first half of this document (Clinic Flow) will serve as a central location for different teams to add notes about their specific protocol/way of doing different things so that we can iron out details and achieve clinic-wide consistency. The second half (Resources for Patients) will serve as a place to share information about various other programs that patients often have questions about but which students have found difficulty answering in the past (Ie: questions about food bank, other community programs). Please feel free to add sections as you see fit based on what your committee/group handles. This document will be kept up to date by P&P and QI/RD after each St. Vincent’s monthly meeting or more frequently if needed, and by any other parties involved in clinic flow.
Goals for this document as outlined by Dr. Farr in

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