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Loyalty Programs

By the end of this section you should be able to:

Define what a Loyalty Program is
Identify the different types of Loyalty Programs
Understand how Loyalty Programs work in web3

Some media as you journey down the rabbit hole:

➕ Tip: If you’re looking for quick reads, pick something with one or two ⚡, anything more and it’s a bigger investment of time.

Please know if you need help with any of these tasks - we are here to help!

📌 Tasks to Complete:

Instructions (when applicable)
Summarize a recent podcast or article about loyalty episode in the #loyalty-resources Slack channel
Keep it short and sweet. Any interesting quotes or takeaways.
Final presentation on a loyalty program in web3 (see )
Sign up on the sign up sheet and present to in order to get the final prize and complete the Web3 Knowledge Hub program!
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After you’ve completed the above tasks, ping Janelle on Slack!

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