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Loyalty Programs

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Final Project: Web3 Loyalty Program

Congrats! You’ve made it to the last piece of our web3 knowledge hub! 🎉

You should now be familiar with the terminology of NFTs, DeFi, web3 and web3 loyalty programs and completed some of the basic tasks to get familiar with all the moving pieces in the web3 space.
As a final step, you’ll be evaluating an existing web3 loyalty program.

🌎 Final Project: Explore a Web3 Loyalty Program

Sign up for a web3 loyalty program that already exists (from this list ) and choose a date to present during All Hands.
Test it out/do some research! Is it a smooth onboarding process? Are the benefits worthwhile for the customer? Take a look at how it works, what doesn’t work and identify what type of loyalty program it is.
Answer the following questions:
What is the onboarding process?
Which competitor did they launch with?
What chain did they use?
What type of loyalty program is it?
Based on what you know now about loyalty programs, what could be done better?
4. Do a brief (1-2 slides) presentation on your findings. ➕ Bonus $50 in ETH for adding Loom video to your presentation!
5. Present during All Hands and share with the team what you learned.

Lastly, answer the question: what could be done in web3 that couldn’t be done before?

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