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Onboarding Guide

Your Onboarding Journey:
📞 Personalized Call: We begin with a comprehensive discussion tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you're equipped to harness Co:Create's full potential.
🔐 Empower Your Team: With a personalized user account, you can also empower your team, setting the stage for collaborative success. We’ll create a collaborative plan together, set goals, and ensure your team has everything they need to thrive!
You will receive a customized onboarding plan:
🛠 Creative Freedom: Unleash your creativity! Dive into our platform and let your imagination run wild.
🚀 Together We Launch: Launching is a team effort. With our support, watch your community flourish like never before!

Essential Resources for a Seamless Experience:
📚 Co:Create Docs: Our extensive provides insights ranging from platform intricacies to API details.
🎛 Admin Dashboard: A powerful tool at your fingertips! Streamline, manage, and envision your program's progress.
And if you ever feel lost, our provides an overview of:
Cocreate dashboard
How to access info about your members
Deploy a token
Launch a campaign
Adjust your management settings
👟 Sneaks Demo: We highly recommend enhancing your creativity and getting some inspiration from the. The Sneaks experience is truly unique and exciting because it’s all on-chain and you wouldn't even know it (thats the beauty of Co:Create APIs). It’s beautiful, and can inspire you with lots of ideas for your community experience. Go play!! 🎮

🏖 Embrace the Sandbox! If you don’t have one yet, you can setup your sandbox (self-serve).
Your API key awaits
🗯️ Loyalty Guide: If you’re looking for some additional inspiration, check out our here as well!

Your First Month with Co:Create: A High Level Suggested Action Plan
Week 1: Familiarize yourself with Co:Create Docs & set up your sandbox. Definitely watch our 5 minute video for .
Week 2: Begin building and engage with our support for any assistance.
Week 3: Set up additional team accounts and brainstorm community engagement strategies.
Week 4: Prepare for the launch and join one of our webinars to gain further insights.

👥 Some of the people you’ll be working with...

ilana (me!) - I run client success, so my job is to make sure you are... successful.
Audrey - who you already know. She's not going anywhere.
Ankush + Matt - CTO and Director of Product who will support technical items, and be joining many calls.

Things to note:
🎧 What if I have questions? Or need help setting something up?
We have a team of Co:Creators ready and excited to support you... every step of the way! We offer both Slack and support for all customers, depending on where your team spends their time!
You can always reach us via email as well at, and we’ll make sure it gets to the right people.
🤖 Is bot activity inevitable?
Of course not! We strongly advise you to consult
document for how to mitigate bot activity. Safeguarding your assets is paramount; please adhere to the safety protocols as recommended by Co:Create. If the recommended authentication measures are not activated or followed, Co:Create cannot be held accountable for any bot activity. Should you require assistance in implementing these measures, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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