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Customer Support & FAQ's

Connecting with us is a breeze! We're flexible and always ready to meet you on your preferred platform.

💌 Contact Us: Can't find your answer or need personalized assistance? Our dedicated Co:Creators are just an email away at . We're here to ensure your questions never go unanswered.
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Check out some of our FAQ’s to help you get started.

For a more comprehensive list of FAQ’s, check out our API docs

Technical Details:
What programming languages and frameworks is Co:Create built upon? Is there a particular stack you recommend for optimal integration?
Co:Create Platform APIs are REST APIs, they can be integrated with virtually any programming language or framework that supports HTTP. It's most important to choose a language and framework that your development team is familiar with and that has robust support for HTTP and JSON processing.
Are there SDKs available for popular languages or frameworks?
We do not offer any SDK that wraps our APIs today.
We do offer a client-side javascript SDK that extends Co:Create Platform capabilities, for clients looking to support crypto payments (for selling NFTs) & verified social account linking campaigns..
How does the platform support the transfer of digital assets between guests? Is the process user-friendly and secure? Are there integrations with popular payment gateways to facilitate this?
There is a transfer endpoint for all token types that your system can use.
is the link to the API reference for transferring ERC721 tokens. The process can be as seamless and user-friendly as your platform allows.
API & Integration:
Could you provide more details about the API rate limits?
Rate limiting is 180 requests per minute per customer across all API endpoints. This will evolve over time.
Do you have webhook support, and if so, which events can trigger webhooks?
We do not have webhook support right now.
Sandbox Environment:
How closely does the sandbox environment mirror the production environment?
They're the same. Simply swap out API keys and API URL to start using production.
Are there any functionalities or features restricted in the sandbox?
You will not be able to use our Shopify integration in the Sandbox
What encryption methods do you use to secure data?
For data in transit, all requests are made over HTTPS.
For data at rest, we can provide info on encryption at rest by emailing
Do you have detailed documentation on your authentication and authorization protocols?
Yes - check it out
Customization & Extensions:
To what extent can I customize the user interface and user experience of the platform?
You can customize it as much as you’d like. We are simply an API that enabled you to create an entire custom experience.
Is there a possibility to integrate Instagram for capturing guest profiles or any workarounds you'd recommend?
Yes! Co:Create has been approved by Instagram to support OAuth connections to the platform for verified Instagram account linking. Documentation on it’s way. You can try the experience here:. We also can support unverified account linking, e.g. where the user just shares their handle rather than connecting via OAuth, if your team prefers this experience for your community.
Can we integrate affiliate link generation and tracking within the platform?
The engineering team is currently working on referral capabilities for the platform. This would enable you to provide your users with referral codes that they can share with others, and enables you to reward them with tokens for doing so. Your system could create the affiliate link with the referral code embedded. Then, as a new user uses the link, your system could extract the referral code and pass it back to our platform to indicate that it's been used. The initial version of this capability should be available in 2-3 weeks.
Regarding the transfer of digital assets - Let's say one of my community members has earned a reward. This reward is an erc-721, fully transferable. Is there a possibility this community member can transfer this reward to a friend of his, not part of the loyalty program and not a web3 user? For example via email or sms with a link that helps that person first create an account via email and then claim the reward?
Yes, this can be done. The non-member must have a wallet to receive the ERC721 token. The easiest way to do provide them with one would be to have your application create a user in our platform, since a Co:Create user is always created with a wallet out-of-the-box!
How does Co:Create handle scaling? If our user base grows rapidly, will the platform be able to handle the increased load?
Documentation & Support:
If I encounter an issue not covered in the documentation, how quickly can I expect a response from the support team?
You can send us a slack or discord message and someone will get back to you within 3 hours during normal business, Eastern Time.
Product Roadmap:
Can we get insights into the product roadmap for Co:Create? We'd like to align our development cycles with any upcoming features or changes.
Of course! We have a product Roadmap accessible to you anytime
. And please check out our release notes and sign up for email alerts
Community & Collaboration:
Is there a developer community or forum for Co:Create where we can discuss, share, and collaborate on solutions?
Yes! You can join our Discord community here!
Is there any possibility I can see a current program built on Co:Create, backend and frontend?
I’d recommend checking out the demo which uses a bunch of our features, and is a demo we created for you to experience what can be done using our API. You can also view, which is a live client of Co:Create.
Billing & Costs:
How is the pricing structured, especially in terms of API calls or data storage? Are there different tiers based on usage?
Our pricing is indeed usage based but instead of API calls or data storage we use MAU (monthly active users). A user is considered a MAU if they are the subject of any API request within a given calendar month (so the number of MAU would scale with # of API calls and data storage). We have a standard rate we charge per MAU and do volume discounts for enterprise clients (cheaper rate per MAU at higher tiers).
If we decide to migrate away from Co:Create in the future, are there any costs associated with data export?
No, there is no cost associated with data export
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