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Do any of these statements feel familiar to you?

I am an expert local mortgage originator or branch manager… responsible for generating my business.
I am competing with the new, venture-backed digital lenders that are trying to make my position in the market obsolete by completely digitizing the mortgage process.
I sometimes struggle with how to position myself or my business for the future.

Shift your strategy.

Most of your competitors are still following the “Old Way” a.k.a. “The Mimic model.”

We believe that way doesn’t work on its own anymore
Hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into the mortgage “Fintech” market and Digital Lenders with BIG money and tech behind them have launched their own companies.
The big lenders that we once envied and “mimicked” are up to something.

They are trying to commoditize the mortgage process and put the local originators out of business.

Step 1. Push Button

Step 2. Get Mortgage (We all know that one.)

The Good News is. The future is bright for those who are paying attention like you.
So what can you do differently to cement your position in your market and grow?

“Differentiate from” do not “mimic” the big guys.

The modern mortgage originator is advice and education-based and the “new” way to thrive is by branding yourself.
The best mechanism to brand yourself moving forward is the internet.
And the best platform to do this in the mortgage industry is the City First Connect program.

You can quickly differentiate yourself

Using Our All-In-One Platform

The fastest and most effective way to take control of your mortgage business is with an online storefront and web presence that…

Grabs attention and gives a positive first impression.
Instills confidence in your prospects.
Captures high quality leads.
Positions you as the TRUSTED mortgage advisor in your market.
Helps you educate and communicate with clients before ever speaking with them.
Allows you to CONNECT with more leads and more referral partners
And soooooo much more…

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