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Share team views with Cross-doc

Here at Coda, we love to use cross-doc for pulling a team roadmap into multiple project trackers. Learn how to take your product roadmap further with cross-doc.

What is Cross-doc?

When building out a product roadmap doc, you might find you want to pull information from this doc into another. Enter Cross-doc! 🎉
Cross-doc allows you to pull in tables from other Coda docs so that you can annotate, review, or reference them.
In particular, we love to use Cross-doc for pulling a team roadmap into multiple project trackers. This helps curb information overload by ensuring only the relevant information is included and displayed to your team.

Getting started with Cross-doc

If you have a table from this doc you'd like to pull into a new doc, start by clicking the Insert link in the top right of your new doc.
The first time you use Cross-doc in a doc, you'll need to install it as a
Click the Insert link in the upper righthand corner
Select Packs
Search for Cross-doc in the packs module
Click Sign in to Install


Once you've installed the Cross-doc pack, you can select the “Create a Product Roadmap like a Pro” doc, then select the table from this doc that you'd like to pull into your new doc:
Select this document from your available list of docs. Use the search bar to narrow down results.
Select the table in this doc that you'd like to pull into your new doc. Here we’re pulling in the table from
Drag and drop it to the location in your new doc where you'd like it to appear.


Remember to pull in tables used as lookup columns (in the original doc) into your new doc.
In this example, we need to pull in the table, and the table in order for all columns in the Team Tasks table to function correctly.
Pro Tip: Store them in a Data or Admin section of your doc to keep things looking clean!


You can view and adjust your cross-doc table's settings by hovering over the table and clicking Options > Cross-doc Table > Settings.
From there, you can select your refresh schedule and the number of rows you'd like to sync. You can also click Sync now to do an immediate sync.
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 4.32.52 PM.png

A deeper look at Cross-doc:

Check out these awesome resources for a more in-depth look at Cross-doc functionality.
If you get stuck, remember that you can always reach out to us for support!

Cross-doc | Coda Essentials video:

short introduction to Coda Cross-doc

Cross-doc | Coda Formula Fitness Crowdcast:

Longer, more in-depth video on Cross-doc that walks through an example setup.

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