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Open Web Sandbox: For Projects

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What we offer.

We have made this document for new partners of Open Web Sandbox. This is the only doc you will need to learn all about what we offer our clients.
What is our main value proposition? We have an extensive knowledge base of individuals with all of their skills aimed toward the NEAR ecosystem. We want every project on NEAR to succeed, so we offer services that will help you get there.
Our Services
Let’s split our services in the order we execute them.
👁‍🗨 Awareness
💡 Solutions
👥 Recruitment
⚒ Management
👁‍🗨 Awareness
Our team is dedicated to getting your project out there to our community.
With 3000+ active members, we will make our Discord community aware of your project task. + Posting in Near Insider Twitter
With 4000+ followers, we will make our Twitter community aware of your project task.
With our partners at
and , we can offer promotion solutions and air-time.
What you do →
Fill out the and we will jump onto pumping up your projects awareness.
What we do
Post project on our Project Dashboard, engage the community.
Post project task banner on Discord, engage the community.
Post project task banner on Twitter, engage the community.
Set up and run an AMA promoting your project.
💡 Solutions
Sometimes your project only needs a small one-off task to be done. We get this, so we offer you a simple solution: instead of going through the 👥 Recruitment process below, we simply use one of our trusted OWS teammates to complete the task. We have an array of individuals part of OWS who specialise in most of our categories. So, we can most certainly get the task completed in no time.
In-house solutions experts:
Marketing content creation (infographics, banners).
Written content creation (articles, recaps, announcements).
What you do →
To know if your project can qualify for this service, head to
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and plug in some numbers, it will tell you there. If it does, then head to and follow the 💡 Solutions Task Proposal instructions there.
What we do
Get one of our OWS teammates onto the brief, set them up to start, and wait for their result.
👥 Recruitment
If you need more than just a low-budget task done, then this is the right spot.
With over 1 year experience of the NEAR ecosystem, OWS has built up a talent pool of NEAR enthusiasts. We find the right candidates for your project tasks, and we do it quickly, so you can continue growing.
Finding candidates
Our website platform attracts thousands of viewers per month. Once we have filled, we post the task as ‘available’ on our Projects Dashboard.
Our job is to find you a pick of 3 candidates. We do this by either filtering through applicants we receive, or by using our ‘match maker’ to find you candidates from our database of 4000+ contributors, also we have our database of Telegram groups and Linkedin. We promise to find your project candidates quickly.
We conduct the interviews, and get it down to 3. If you like, we pick the final for you, otherwise, we provide you with a concise summary of each candidate and let you get involved in picking the final one.
We want you to get your task completed, and we are confident we can get that done for you. If we don’t find a final candidate within 1 month, we refund your fees. For more details on this, see the refund details in
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What you do →
Just simply fill out the Normal Task Proposal form found on and we will get your task on our Projects Dashboard.
What we do
Post your task on our Projects Dashboard.
Do some research about your project.
Select the 3 most suitable applicants.
Interview all 3 applicants.
Pick the candidate, with or without your input, that is up to you.
Set them up to start, and watch them begin.
⚒ Management
What happens after we have selected a candidate for your task? We provide assistance throughout the whole task process. This is so that you can minimise invested time but still achieve the results you wanted.
Changing contributor
If you are not happy with the chosen candidate, we can change them up to two times. The first change can be up to 2 weeks after they began the task, and the second change can be after 1 month. If this happens, we will reschedule interviews and continue to search our databases for a suitable candidate.
Collecting Feedback
We collect feedback from you and the contributor about how the project is going, especially in the first 2 weeks. This includes timeframe guidance and contributor-project relationships. We know that it can be tough onboarding and coordinating, our goal is to support both parties to get the job started more smoothly.
Payment Scheduling
We act as the arbitrator to ensure that both parties are compliant and stay on their pre-determined schedule. Our clients deposit the task reward in two parts, and we send it to the contributor as two payments. For more information on deposit schedules and fees, go to
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What you do →
Just let us do the work. We may ask you for further details about the task if need be, but the aim is for us to do the work here.
What we do
Take care of interviews for new contributors at your request.
Setting expected timeframes with the contributor.
Feedback collecting every week to make sure they are on track.
Fulfilling payment schedules, only with the approval of both parties.
Head to
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to see our fee structure and schedule.
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