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Open Web Sandbox: For Projects

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Who we are.

The Open Web Sandbox (OWS) is the first NEAR in-house recruitment service.
In May 2021 OWS began as a non-profit, community-based digital hub for everyone wishing to engage with projects building on top of the NEAR protocol. Initially entirely funded by the NEAR Foundation, the goal was two-sided.
On the one hand, OWS played an onboarding role for everybody entering the ecosystem by providing small tasks and opportunities to join projects building on NEAR.
On the other hand, OWS played an important role in outsourcing various short-term tasks from different NEAR projects and selecting the perfect candidate from the OWS community to undertake the task.
Now, a year in the making, OWS aims to provide all projects on NEAR with crypto and NEAR native individuals, shifting its focus from short-term tasks to any-term high-skilled positions.

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