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Company Description


The Open Web Sandbox (OWS) is the first NEAR in-house recruitment service.

Company history

In May 2021 OWS began as a non-profit, community-based digital hub for everyone wishing to engage with projects building on top of the NEAR protocol. Initially entirely funded by the NEAR Foundation, the goal was two-sided.
On the one hand, OWS played an onboarding role for everybody entering the ecosystem by providing small tasks and opportunities to join projects building on NEAR.
On the other hand, OWS played an important role in outsourcing various short-term tasks from the different projects and selecting a perfect candidate to fulfil this position from the OWS community.
At these early stages of the ecosystem development, NEAR still had a strong need of attracting committed community members who were willing to stay for the long run and OWS was one of the marketing arms to attract and onboard these individuals by giving them opportunities to earn $NEAR by contributing to the ecosystem.
Today, the OWS team has more than seven months of experience of matching different teams with individuals looking to become a part of the new Web 3 era by directly contributing to it. Most of the team has been in the crypto space for over twelve months working closely with different types of teams, consulting them, and identifying their talent needs for prospective growth. During the past year our community of NEAR contributors has grown to 3000+ crypto educated community members that are constantly looking for new challenges in the sphere of crypto. In this way, OWS has not only accumulated tons of insights into the mentality of Web 3 startups but has built a solid community of committed freelancers looking to help build the NEAR ecosystem. As a next step in this exciting journey, OWS has decided to value these successes in one of fastest growing industries into a fully-fledged job matchmaking platform.

Mission statement

Our mission is to supply Web 3 startups and projects building on top of the NEAR Protocol with highly-skilled human capital.

Vision statement

OWS aims to ensure the NEAR Ecosystem has exactly the right people to go to the moon. Our foremost goal is to create the biggest community of Web 3-competent individuals who are willing to bring their valuable experience on NEAR and enrich the ecosystem with the best ideas.

Company objectives

The main objectives of OWS (in order of importance) include:

Products and services

OWS offers a matchmaking service for Web 3 projects who want to build on NEAR. We guarantee finding a talented crypto educated candidate within a maximum of one month. The major advantages of our service include:
Efficiency in supporting talent acquisition for the projects,
Access to a huge community of freelancers in different domains who understand the crypto industry in more generally and have knowledge of the NEAR ecosystem more specifically.
Support with onboarding management and task management.

(Future products and services)


Currents status


Company legal structure

OWS is not a legal entity yet. It is currently in the process of establishing a legally existing company. Projected timeframe for this is June-August 2022.

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