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Retirement Stories

Sharing real-life journeys to retirement
From the moment we enter the workforce, saving for retirement can often feel like a dark cloud hovering over our heads. We ask questions like:
When should I start saving?
How much money should I have to be able to retire?
What is the difference between a Roth and Traditional account?
What do I do with my account when I switch jobs?
Today Americans are switching jobs at a higher rate, leading to a rise in retirement transfers and in the number of accounts left behind. This significantly impacts retirement security. Transferring today is so tedious that 89% of people who start the process don't finish.
was created to solve this problem.
Retirement Stories is a series of interviews where we talk to people from all walks of life about their experiences with retirement. This project is an opportunity for us to share the knowledge of those who have been saving for years as well as the concerns of those at the beginning of their retirement journey.
We will cover a range of pain points and nuances, such as choosing account types, the transfer process, learning to invest, personal anecdotes, and much more. We hope that by sharing these diverse stories we can help you feel better prepared for your future as we work to improve retirement transfers for everyone.

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