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Content Submission Guide

Tips & Tricks Example

🔗 Markdown template available on GitHub:
This is a sample outline for an article focused on discovering a non-obvious tip or trick that the community could benefit from learning or trying out on their own. Your article doesn’t need to follow this prescriptively, just use this as a basic guideline as you think through your writing process.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. What are you and your team measured on and/or responsible for?
Pain Point(s)
Describe the one thing or few things that make IAM policies hard. Why is this so difficult, and what has made solving it such a challenge?
The “Aha” Moment
Tell us what you and/or your team realize that eventually got you on the right path. How did you figure it out?
The Trick
Explain your solution including code samples and documentation. What would someone have to do to leverage this trick in practice?
Tell us how this trick improved your and/or your team’s work life. What aspects of security and/or operations improved? (qualitative and/or quantitative)
Describe any additional tips the reader should consider for their own environment. What are your best practices to go along with this tip?
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