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About Us

Helping solve the cloud security readiness gap one pesky IAM policy at a time

We're just getting started, so we haven't launched our community site yet, but you can subscribe by email to get updates on our progress, and a first look at what we're building. Join our waitlist here:


IAM policies, amirite? No really, am I? It’s too hard to tell.
We’re a new team inside Okta working on something fresh to help practitioners reason with the complexities of creating and managing IAM policies across the major cloud providers.
Anyone who has ever carried the responsibility of availability, resilience, performance, or security across a cloud environment knows the struggle of wrangling and rightsizing IAM policies – too permissive and you risk exposing sensitive data, too restrictive and you risk blocking people or services from doing their job.
This is a known issue, but it’s our belief that the challenge is as much of a knowledge gap as it is a technical gap, so we’re building a community program & content platform to facilitate shared learning for cloud practitioners of all skill sets and backgrounds.
Our primary goal is to help folks gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles and primitives of IAM across the major cloud providers, so that you can put that knowledge into practice on the job.

Our Team

Ivan Dwyer
Co-Founder & CEO
Early advocate for Zero Trust security, joined Okta via the ScaleFT acquisition. Started IAM Pulse via Okta’s internal startup program. Avid collector of rare groove vinyl from across the globe.
Robert Chiniquy
Co-founder & Engineer
Code & infrastructure at startups & search engines since the 90s
Geoff Greer
Co-founder & Engineer
I live in Vancouver, Washington. I like to mess with computers and motorcycles.
Olympia Trumbower
Head of Community
Energized when applying a people-first philosophy to work worth doing. Curious learner bringing best practices from non-profit and philanthropy to tech. I travel for the food and chatting up the locals.
Brian Glynn
Head of Product
Experienced product manager with a passion for solving problems for enterprise customers. Loves running, backpacking, surfing, and general being outdoors.
Christer Edwards
Technical Advocate
Long time open-source community developer advocate. Educator. Author. Engineer. Recovering DevOps. Enjoys watching terrible movies. Can often be found only by GPS coordinates exploring the western United States in his camper van.

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