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Content Submission Guide

Reference Example

🔗 Markdown template available on GitHub:
This is a sample outline for an article focused on describing a complete environment, specifying an architecture that the community could benefit from learning as a whole. Your article doesn’t need to follow this prescriptively, just use this as a basic guideline as you think through your writing process.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. What are you and your team measured on and/or responsible for?
Before State
To your comfort level, describe your cloud environment before you reached the state as to be described in this article. What were some of the components and attributes that led to seeking a new approach? (If greenfield, what were some of the things you wanted to avoid this time around?)
Design Considerations
Tell us about your requirements and any surrounding context that you had to think about as you designed this architecture? Were there any specific company, team, or project initiatives that came into play?
Specify how your architecture project and/or team were evaluated. Were there any explicit cost, performance, or security KPIs associated with the design process?
Design Components
Explain the reference architecture in detail. Which services are in use, how are they related, and how are they managed?
After State
Tell us what improved from moving from the before state to now. What did you and your team learn along the way, and how did the overall business improve?
Maturity Curve
Describe any milestones or iterative steps that you followed to get to a production state? What were some early signs of success versus later optimizations? How was the architecture tested and evaluated along the way?
Share any tips & tricks or best practices for those reading the article. What should they consider if they are to embark on a similar journey?

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