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Content Submission Guide

How-To Guide Example

This is a sample outline for an article focused on sharing a set of steps to take to improve one’s cloud security posture via better policy configuration, management procedures, instrumented automation, etc. Your article doesn’t need to follow this prescriptively, just use this as a basic guideline as you think through your writing process.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. What are you and your team measured on and/or responsible for?
Goals & Metrics
Explain the intended outcome of this guide. What, if any, are the desired results – quantitative and/or qualitative?
Specify what the reader should know and/or have in place in order to begin this example. Make note of any additional software needed with specific versions.
Describe with explicit documentation each step the reader needs to take. Is there anything they need to do to verify progress at each step before moving on?
Show what done looks like, either visually with a screenshot or as a message output.
Describe any steps the reader should take to take down the environment provided they went through the example as a dry run. Is there anything they should do to check whether services are still running afterwards?
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