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Athlete Highlights

"Not for ourselves alone are we born."
Young guns, seasoned veterans, banged up bodies, RPE over-shooters, the non-athletic, the naturally strong, and so many more.
I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to help people from many different backgrounds achieve their goals.


Abdul Aziz Kamalrudzaman ()


Wan Amir Afif ()


Andrew Lee Jian Min ()


Abd Hanif Abd Halim ()

Carmen, 26

Carmen Too ()


Liew Ern Lee ()


Fiona Abdul Rahman ()

Gium, 36 - Lecturer & Researcher

I broke my ankle in Aug 2018 and it felt like the end of my amatuer powerlifting journey. I had the will to continue but felt powerless. During this time, I searched for a coach who was knowledgeable in bringing out the best from a broken guy like me. After asking a few friends, I was interested to learn more from Iqbal of SPHY Protocol. After a few online consulting sessions, I definitely knew that Iqbal was the guy who genuinely understood what I could and couldn't do. He taught me different cues and programs to work around my injury. After starting my training program under Iqbal since Jan 2019, I've progressed so much up until hitting back my old numbers and even breaking some of them along the way in a more safer way of lifting which I never thought was possible. His presence during a meet also uplifts you to do better than before. Thank you Iqbal, without you I think I would have quit lifting already.
Wan Mokhdzani ()

Jerry, 41 - Corporate Banker

Jerry Jameson Muda ()

Krystal, 16 - Student

Krystal Squat.jpg
Being under Iqbal has definitely made my training more productive as I finally had a goal to work towards. I was introduced to Iqbal by a powerlifter in my gym and after doing some research, I've come to realise that he was one of the top coaches for powerlifting in Malaysia. Being a young teenager whose parents did not support my decision, Iqbal was kind enough to offer me free training leading up to my first meet, which went beyond my expectations as I gained a +25kg PR in my meet with a squat of 95kg, bench of 55kg and deadlift of 120kg. He told me that I had a lot left in the tank, which surprised me as it meant that my total could easily surpass 280kg. I was shocked as in just 1.5 months, he had managed to up my total by about 30-50kg. Iqbal had certainly left a good impression of what powerlifting is since I was just new to the sport and had managed to pull off quite a high total. Although my training with him had only lasted for 1.5 months, I'd gained so much knowledge from him and my interest in powerlifting grew exponentially. A good coach not only corrects your form and tries his level best to help you achieve your goals, but also acts like a mentor to ensure you're fine mentally too. I am eternally grateful that Iqbal has given me the chance to be under his guidance. I can't wait for the day when I'm done with my studies so I can get back under his training again!
Krystal Phan ()


Zulaikha Jauhari ()

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