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The Iron Grid (est. September 2020) is an information hub for whatever content I feel like storing. Yup, that’s right, based on feels.
In a world where we are meant to meet the expectations of ourselves and others - The Iron Grid is a small nook in the corner of the internet where I do not have to meet deadlines, can express as I want, and simply take my time.
With that said, if you know me on a personal level or have found yourself here, then you will most likely have come for lifting related content.
The moving iron, grunting, protein sipping, BRO content.
The above is not quite on the mark, but it does hold some semblance.
So then, what can you find here?
Details about my remote coaching services.
I work a corporate job that pays decent, but the need to explore my interest in powerlifting and coaching was just a bit too hard to resist. Besides, with our weak MYR, never-ending inflation rate, and rising living costs, who couldn’t use a bit of extra dough?
Check out the sections Online Coaching, Know Your Coach, and Athlete Highlights if you are interested in becoming a stronger and smarter (training-knowledge wise, I unfortunately cannot help increase your base IQ) version of yourself.
Interested but short on cash or just not quite convinced?
That’s okay, you can check out FREE Templates for, well, ... free templates. Give one of the programs a whack and let me know how you feel about it😎
Written pieces regarding powerlifting training, our local powerlifting scene, my travel experiences, and the occasional out-of-piece.
Check out The Compendium if reading about the above interests you.
My calisthenic journal.
When COVID-19 spread through Malaysia and we were all forced to stay at home, I rediscovered my lost (or is it misplaced?) love for breaking and bodyweight movement. I’m not full throttle into callisthenics since gyms have opened back up, but there are some skills I would like to learn in my lifetime.
So check out No weights? No problem! as I document my adventure to unlock gravity defying techniques.
Malaya Mayhem
If you enjoy the content I put out and want to show some support, do keep up with Behind the Mayhem and the IG page for updates on a side project between me and some friends. We want to grow the powerlifting community and take it to new heights. This will no doubt be a long journey but as they say - sedikit sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit.

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