Deadlift Only Meet - Virtual, Non Sanctioned

Use this page to understand the processes from registration, rules, refund policy, etc.

Taking place from June 18th - July 2nd.

As this meet is run virtually we have provided a broader time frame for you to record your sets and send them to us.
Please read the
Meet Flow
section to have an understanding of how the experience will be like.

What you will need.

As this meet is virtual the setup will be different. You will
need a lifting singlet or competition grade equipment, but if you plan to compete do ensure you have at minimum the below.

A space to deadlift. This can be in a gym or even in your home. Check read the
Bars & Plates
section to understand what is allowed.

Proper attire. We are lax on attire but we need to be able to visually determine the position of the hips, knees, and shoulders during the deadlift. Please read the
section to understand fully.

Two sets of cameras, as each deadlift attempt requires two different angles it has to be recorded from. You can set up tripods or have a couple friends record for you. Please read the
Video Angle
section to understand what angle you will have to record from.

A Google account. We will be reviewing your attempts through Google Drive. So your attempts will have to be uploaded into a shared folder that we will provide you with during the period from June 18th - July 2nd.
The Timestamp app. This allows us to verify that all your attempts were done in a single session and at the same location. We will be releasing a video in the near future on how to use this under the
Timestamp App

Am I eligible to compete?


Bars & Plates

Meet Flow



Refund Policy


Timestamp App


Video Angle

Video Submission


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