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Deadlift Only Meet - Physical, IPL Sanctioned

Use this page to understand the processes from registration, rules, refund policy, etc.

Taking place on June 26th, 2021

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 we will only be opening the meet for up to 30 participants, and each participant is only allowed one person to bring along for support, e.g. loader, coach, etc.

Am I eligible to compete?

Only local Malaysians are allowed to compete. However lifters outside the KL and Selangor area will not be able to compete as interstate travel is still not allowed.


The meet will be priced at RM160 per pax.


All registrations will be through a Google form, which can be found on our Linktree IG or the link
. Once the Google form is submitted you will receive an invoice in your email within 3 working days. This invoice will have a payment button, which you can click to make a payment.
Cut off date for registration is 30 April, 2021.

Refund Policy

Once payment is made there will be no refund. Only under the circumstance that we cannot hold the meet, e.g. MCO, will a refund be given.


As this is an IPL sanctioned meet we will be following the IPL Rulebook.
Please note that the IPL Rulebook is property of the IPL, and is not owned by Malaya Mayhem.
IPL Rulebook Image.PNG


There is a 24-hour weigh-in as per IPL rules. This means that you will be weigh-in on June 25th and compete on June 26th. The weigh-in will take place at the venue, from 6.00pm - 8.00pm.


Our meet will be held in the BU3 Community Hall, Bandar Utama.
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