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Piper School District AI / Data science academy

A plan and implementation timeline by inventXYZ
You’ve decided that you want to prepare students for the real-world of the future by designing an AI / Data Science academy! #pAIper

This is awesome, and absolutely needed for society!

AI, Data Science, and Big Data are fundamentally integrated into every aspect of our lives
Spotify choosing what songs to play based on what you and other “similar” people have listened to
Amazon recommending products for you to buy
Cars detecting if they need to stop to avoid a collision
Police security systems (mis)recognizing faces
Filmmakers restoring classic films
Software detecting if a student is struggling to understand a concept and needs to see an explanation from a new perspective

Of course, AI is a big, amorphous, complicated topic primarily the domain of Computer Scientists, Systems Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Statisticians who have Masters or PhDs.

But there are plenty of key topics for high school students to learn:

starting with data visualization, thinking critically about how datasets are collected, sources of bias and ethical considerations, understanding how most machine learning models are relatively simple equations and matrices, and making a critical mental shift that AI is not just about robots.
Deploying such a program requires careful curriculum design, working backwards from learning objectives that will prepare Piper graduates to be leaders of the Future of Work. Following an process, we can develop inventcurriculum projects that prepare ALL Piper students and create a curriculum progression that truly addresses the objectives of preparing Piper students to be leaders in a world of AI and data science.

In this document, inventXYZ has outlined a timeline of collaboration with Piper School District from May 2021 to September 2022 to:

identify key learning objectives for Piper graduates
identify a curriculum progression
implement 2 inventcurriculum projects in ELA centered around data science and visualization
design an inventorspace to prepare students with the hands-on skills they need across industries.

Creating this AI academy is a long-term initiative that will take 3-5 years before it functions smoothly.
In this proposal, we are focusing on just the first 1.5 years.
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